Personal Branding: Bringing Back Self-Reliance


  • Vision: I’m always coming up with new ideas for goods and services. I see a need and often I’m struck with ideas and solutions. I write them down and promise I’ll get around to them when I find the money.
  • Problem Solving: I find myself thinking outside the box for solutions. I’m often praised for my originality. It’s not always a quick solution but it’s usually the most efficient.
  • Observation: I often have to go out of my way to pretend to not notice things, I follow a creed of constant vigilance. Often times I find myself lacking words and common social sense, but I subconsciously note things about locations and people in case of emergency.
  • Efficiency: When given a task, I will ask how it should be done and by the end of the day I will have tried and implemented a dozen more efficient means of completing it. It will either be done faster, or better, than the original.
  • Resourcefulness: Sometimes my best results come under pressure. This often means financial constraints or limited resources. I’m a master of recycling and repurposing thanks to several years of slim living and I’ve taken the mindset to work. With some elbow grease, a little vision, and some DIY skills, you can accomplish anything on a shoestring budget.  


  • Education/ Continuing Education: Too many students are taught what to learn and not how to learn. Too many adults stagnate and stop learning “because I’m not in school anymore.” Constantly surrounding oneself with opportunities to learn and improve is not only beneficial to status and career, but it exercises the brain proving to fend off diseases like Alzheimer’s.
  • Sustainability: Regardless of where you stand on “Climate Change” there are only benefits to adopting a more sustainable lifestyle. Localizing food and energy production will assure fresher produce, less vehicle emissions, and fewer energy monopolies. It will also cut down on an individual’s reliance of centralized government.
  • Self-Reliance: Leading a more self-reliant life means relying less on a centralized government you may or may not agree with every 4 years. Putting your health and wellbeing in your own hands is the only way to live a truly fulfilling life.
  • Freedom & Independence: By now you’re seeing a trend. I don’t want to have to rely on anyone for anything. I don’t want anyone to have to rely on anyone else for anything.

  Unique Super Powers?

  • Always Curious: I always find something new to learn about.
  • Quick Learner: I learn best by doing, if it’s something I’m reading or listening to I have to take notes. But I prefer to get my hands on objects and be guided through using them.
  • Excellent Judge of Character: I have an instinctual feel for people. I can’t explain it, but eventually they do or say something that proves my judgment correct.
  • Move on Quickly: If I don’t forgive, I forget very quickly.
  • Constant Contingency Plans: After consistently having “The One” plan derailed I’ve become very good at backup plans, multiple outcome potentials, and adaptability.

 How are you perceived?

            Personal Relationships?

                        Cool or detached & clever. I always seem to be ahead of the curve on news and information and I’m always teaching people about interesting things, a bit of a know it all. Probably seen a little bit selfish because I’m introverted and offer to hang out on my terms when I’m feeling social-enough and typically turn down social opportunities when I’m just not feeling up to it. I feel like most of my good friends understand but my family tends to get offended by my isolation.

Professional Relationships?

I tend to operate the same whether or not I’m with friends or co-workers or customers. I don’t put on a “Customer Service” show and while it is off putting to people expecting employees to bow and scrape to them, it endears me to honest and hardworking customers who don’t want to be lied to or buttered up. I have zero respect for the chain of command and am often overly honest with “higher ups” especially when they lack competence in what they’re trying to do. Given the opportunity I often far exceed the capabilities of everyone I challenge simply due to my skills of observation and quick learning. I often butt heads with my “superiors” making it clear almost every day that I need to become self employed, quickly.

            Online Reputation?

            Again, I never pretend to be someone I’m not. The internet just gives me an opportunity to backup my “know it all” title with links to facts. I love offering my knowledge to those who ask (and sometimes to those that don’t). I have a small, tight knit group of internet associates who keep me in check when I become a little abrasive and I try my hardest to emulate some of my more articulate friends. I’m learning a lot from them.

 What do you want to achieve?

            Within your sector?

Bring back self-reliance. Encourage continued learning. Celebrate failing to success.

I want to create a mass movement of independence, skilled labor and decentralized resources. I want to dispel the myth of “Experts” and “Masters” and “Prodigies” and instead, praise hard work, practice, patience, learning from mistakes, and endless self improvement.

            Within your market?

                        Offer affordable education on multiple platforms focusing on life skills required to lead an independent life, and skills that are disappearing from public education. Each lesson will include research & design phases, and the mistakes & failures. Streams will be engaging and informative, videos will be concise, blog posts will be more deeply informative, the information shared will be well researched and valuable.

            Within your style?

                        All of the mediums will share an honest and creative theme I personally take to heart, a rustic contemporary design blending my love of nature and sustainability with a modern edge of hope for the future. The scripts will follow a minimalist and sage-like style of promoting only facts with clean editing. The blogs will offer value up front supported by personal stories and experiences beneath the desired information for readers invested in personality. The information will be as without biases and politics as possible because so many “survivalist” personalities tend to let their view cloud otherwise fantastic content and it’s off putting.


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