LIFE 101

Life 101 strives to fill in the gaps left by current public education, focusing on self sufficiency in day-to-day life.
Personal finances have been left by the wayside in current education and whether it is accidental or intentional, uneducated individuals tend to make poor financial decisions costing them more to the benefit of predatory lenders. That is why it skills like, budgeting, financial planning, loans, and insurance for health, home and auto, are so important. Mastering your money, no matter how little you make, is the first step to independence.
Life 101 also focuses on skills previously taught in home-ec courses and shop classes: cooking, cleaning, sewing, basic home & auto maintenance. These skills are also almost non existent except for in those who seek them out of necessity. DIY is a wrung in the latter of financial freedom as much as it is in emotional and physical freedom. Not depending on anyone else to feed you or stop a leak is enormously liberating.
Finally, Life 101 hopes to give you insight to yourself and your relationships with tips for emotional and physical health, lessons in interpersonal communication, team work, leadership, and emotional intelligence. Oddly enough, being independent means being able to work well with others, or at least cooperating enough for a common goal. It also means being emotionally strong, and lessons of self reflection and coping skills are lacking most-of-all in schools.
TSS hopes to inspire a desire for personal growth, meaning a daily goal to be a better person than the day before. The hardest lesson to learn is there is no end to growth, there is progress, there are set backs, sometimes even having to start again from scratch.
The fact that you try a little harder each day is all that matters.


  • Personal Finance [coming soon]
  • Budgeting [coming soon]

Domestic Skills

  • Cleaning [coming soon]
  • Repairs [coming soon]
  • Cooking [coming soon]
  • DIY [coming soon]

Self Improvement

  • Self Reflection [coming soon]
  • Mindfulness [coming soon]
  • Time Management [coming soon]
  • Energy Management [coming soon]
  • Being an Informed Member of Society [coming soon]




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