LIFE 101

Life 101 is about everything you should have learned in school. Many young adults bemoan the public education system for failing to prepare them for the real world, opting to teach them that the Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell.

Complaints range from a lack of basic understandings of personal finance and domestic skills all the way to personal growth and interpersonal communication.

Life 101 hopes to fill in the gaps left by failing education with lessons, projects and tutorials, as well as interviews and web series with experts in the fields.


  • Personal Finance [coming soon]
  • Taxes [coming soon]
  • Credit [coming soon]

Domestic Skills

  • Cleaning [coming soon]
  • Repairs [coming soon]
  • Cooking [coming soon]

Self Improvement

  • Self Reflection [coming soon]
  • Mindfulness [coming soon]
  • Time Management [coming soon]
  • Energy Management [coming soon]

Relationships & Communication

  • Family [coming soon]
  • Friends [coming soon]
  • Professional [coming soon]
  • Romantic [coming soon]


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