It is a mistake to assume that all experts are born with some special predilection to the field they've mastered but the reality is that is takes over 10,000 hours of pratice to truly master something. Stream Shop is LIVE, projects from concept to completion with all the rough drafts, mistakes, frustration, and victories on display. 

Stream Shop begins on Twitch, Sunday's are for relaxing with a little work thrown in. Brain Stream is a time for games, brainstorming, and discussion, with the trusty "Wat Journal" all ideas and questions get written down to be researched or completed later. Monday's and Tuesday's will be for working, live streaming the design and drafting processes, researching, asking for advice from the viewers and sometimes putting ideas up to vote. Then all the hard work will be broadcast, the frustration of learning a new skill to complete a project, trips to the store for replacement parts when a technique doesn't go as planned, and the tantrums that go along with repeated failures. 

When the project is completed the footage will be condensed into a < 15 minute step by step video with accompanying blog post. 

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